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Gettin down in the Outback...

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I must say, for a leaky-ringed, lifted, 4EAT'd, naturally aspirated whale of a ride, this thing handles quite well... better than the Forester, actually. :crazy: Probably has to do with the wider rubber and stiffer springs. Made a little video today mostly for the sound, but there's some to watch too. Sounds best with a decent sound system or headphones/earbuds. My laptop speakers aren't that great.

I did speed it up to 120% at the middle to make it less boring. It always seems so much slower on video. Oh, and windows were up, A/C was on, camera sitting on a tripod in the back seat. :lol:
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You almost got taken out by a truck in the And what were you shifting? Isn't that an auto...?
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