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Gettin down in the Outback...

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I must say, for a leaky-ringed, lifted, 4EAT'd, naturally aspirated whale of a ride, this thing handles quite well... better than the Forester, actually. :crazy: Probably has to do with the wider rubber and stiffer springs. Made a little video today mostly for the sound, but there's some to watch too. Sounds best with a decent sound system or headphones/earbuds. My laptop speakers aren't that great.

I did speed it up to 120% at the middle to make it less boring. It always seems so much slower on video. Oh, and windows were up, A/C was on, camera sitting on a tripod in the back seat. :lol:
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Hopefully we can work out a little meet. I'll be taking it easy on it by then, breaking in the new shortblock. :smile:
You almost got taken out by a truck in the And what were you shifting? Isn't that an auto...?
:lol: I've gotten used to dodging them.

Yep, it's a 4EAT... I just shift it manually using the gated shifter (like your parents '03 has). You can shift manually through first, second, and third, and then drop it into 'D' for fourth. It was designed to work that way. :wink: Sort of like a SportShift function.

Sweet sounding exhaust! :cool: Perhaps I should have the resonator in my '07 removed. :wink:


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You could... It would still be quieter than my car due to the turbo, which acts somewhat like a muffler (or so I've read). Plus you don't have a cranky family that complains about it! :lol:
^^ Not soon. In a couple years maybe, but I don't have enough install/tune/shakedown time before college in the fall (which is 750 miles away... so I can't really wrench on the weekend).

Next summer I'll get all the parts gathered up, maybe get a hood painted and installed, then the summer after that install the S/C. No STI internals are required for it, since you can't make much boost off that little blower (about 5lbs after the intercooler). If I was going to turbo it, and go 'big' (like a TD04 or something :lol: ) I'd build it.
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