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So, I've been pondering putting up my report up here since saturday, figured what the heck. So here is.

Here are some pictures I took on friday at the "Our Gang Racing" second ice race fun day.

The drive to Georgetown got slowed down to a crawl coming down into the canyon from Genese, due to the rubberneckers doing what they do the best whenever there's any kind of a fender bender on the road, and I've always wondered about the small road that winds along the river, so I took the hwy 6 exit and went exploring only to find it closed for a bike path.

I couldn't resist parking under the Interstate overpass to pose for some cool shots. Subies can "flex" too (and no, I didn't scrape ground)

After I've had my break from traffic, I went on to Georgetown where I've met up with some friends of mine with their Jeep

It was a beautiful day on the lake

Check out my slideshow on webshots for the full deal: Slideshow of pictures, photos, and videos, from webshots

And a video of the Jeep in action:
YouTube - Ricklis Jeep Thrills
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