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Hey all,

I'm looking at getting these for some off-road use. I was told at the tire store that both 215/70 r16 and 235/60 r16's would fit on my '10 Premium. I have the stock 17" tires on now. The 235's will cost a tad more but other than that which of these will be the better choice for off-roading? I just am wanting some basic steel wheels but don't want to worry about offset issues, rubbing, etc. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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Be aware the offset for your foz is 48mm. You can find nice alloy rims at tirerack for under a 100 buck each.
As for the tire, I plan to buy those same tires. However, I am sticking with the stock size. I do not need an extra 1/4 " ground clearance.
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