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I will let the mods decide if this is a tire or fuel economy post, as you are all wise and knowing :icon_cool:

I have had my WS60's on for about three weeks now, and with the exception of some nasty stuff last Sunday (8 cars/trucks in the ditch over less than 100 kms near Quesnel on Highway 97), the weather has been pretty warm, with clear roads. And I do not think the winter gas is out yet.

So far, on the same roads I have driven with the Grabbers in non winter conditions, the stickier WS60's are getting around 10% better fuel mileage. So for those wondering, yes it seems you will pay in extra fuel usage for the Grabbers. As an example, here to Revelstoke was 8.6 on the meter with the WS60's, and in June was 10.2. The above winter conditions I got 9.2 compared to the summer time of 9.6-9.8.

Now when the winter gas hits, I will be back at the same l/100 kms as with the Grabbers in the summer, which is verified by the log book over the last year. Around here winter gas seems to knock the fuel consumption back about 10%.
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