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I have a few questions for the gearbox experts on here.

I recently changed my auto box, like for like, the only difference was the torque converter looked different, but still lined up to the mounting plate on the engine.

Now the torque converter just wouldn't fit on the input shaft, no matter what I tried.

I went to the place I got the gearbox from for a replacement torque converter, luckily I took my input shaft with me, , this wouldn't fit into the tc either, , so some head scratching, , he then took a tc off a slightly later model auto box, and the input shaft was different, where the spline was there was an inch after the spline of what looked like a tapered end, , although everything else about the input shaft was exactly the same, , ,this shaft fitted into the tc perfect, , so off I went....

Now after a little research I've now discovered that although my car is a 97, the gearbox was manufactured in 96, , which uses a 22 spline input shaft, , in 1997 they changed to use a 23 spline input shaft with that end bit on it.....

Now the box is back in the car with the later 23 spline input shaft and tc.

The problem I'm having is when I put it on full lock to reverse out of the drive, , it feels like the front wheels are being dragged, , like it's a tracking or geometry issue.

On further inspection it sounded like things where wrong on the middle of the I removed the propshaft to see if it was that, , and now in front wheel drive only, the car is fine, , on full lock, forward and reverse.....but I dont want to drive it 2wd the risk of breaking anything....

The propshaft I took off was past its day, , both universal joints where not moving freely as they should be and notchy as hell, , so I'm thinking it was that, , I've a new propshaft coming.....

But the more I think about it, , I'm now thinking it could be rear diff, , as the problem only appears at full lock, , so this would mean that both rear wheels would be rolling at different speeds due to turning on full lock in reverse, , inner wheel basically static as the outer wheel rolls further.......
Everything was ok before i changed the auto box.....although I've just put a less mileage box on to high mileage components......
Am I just overthinking this???? Would be nice to talk to someone over this, ,
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