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Gas nozzle fiasco - gas tank damage?

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Any advice? :surprise:

I did the craziest thing today that may be a 1st in the intro forum. I filled up with gas, cleaned the windows, and wiped off any dirt. I was so proud and ready to show my family tomorrow. I pulled away with it looking great . . . but forgot to put the gas nozzle back.

I got the length of the hose, and it tugged. I looked back to see the outside of the gas pump tilt over about 1/3. I backed up, pulled out the nozzle, and went into the station.

They were all having a good laugh. Assured me it happens all the time, and people even drive off with the nozzle. The attendant pushed the outside of the pump back, but had to put bags on the nozzles since it needed some reattachment. I left my name and number. I was mortified. In all my life, I have never done this. Yes, I was sleep deprived and distracted by its shiny newness, but feel just awful that this happened after only 4 days.

No damage outside, thank goodness, but I am now worried if I damaged anything inside. The gas handle was turned sideways. The pop out cover did not want to stay in, but after some fiddling, it seems to be okay. The springy thingy inside got the worst of the handle turning sideways. Could this damage the gas tank? Is it something I should have the dealer check when I take it back in for the 3,000 mile checkup?

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Is it something I should have the dealer check when I take it back in for the 3,000 mile checkup?
What is the 3,000 mile checkup all about? Does the dealer charge you for that? Subaru recommends the first service at 6,000 miles (oil change and tire rotation).

[edit] Perhaps 3,000 miles is the recommendation for severe driving conditions?
Welcome, @TNteacher !

Heh! Good job! I almost did that once, but luckily someone's yell stopped me in time...

I'd have the dealer check it, just in case.

I'd have the dealer check it out, too, but that's just me. The thought of maybe gas fumes leaking scares me.
+1 for inspection. The nozzles are supposed to have a break-away union where they are attached to the pump to protect both the pump and the car, and it sounds like you didn't need that. Good luck and tell us what they say!
Thanks, Bill. My dealer does a free 3,000 mike check-up to make sure everything looks good. I went back to same gas station today. The nozzle turns sideways pretty easily, so think I am ok. Will have dealer check.
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Appreciate everyone’s comments. Made me feel a lot better. 😀
I have actually seen people do this and drive off down the road with the nozzle still in the car, including myself. It is hanging on the wall of my parents garage as a "trophy" to my teenage stupidity. You almost had a "trophy" of your own to show off with the new Forester.
The system does leak test periodically and will light the check engine light if it finds any. If it does't light up, you should be fine.
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