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I have a 2014 Forester and as a first time Subaru owner I'm really enjoying the car. With the exception of this one issue:

When I fill the car up with gas my gas gauge if full minus two bars. Also my range indicator is only showing 250 miles so I think the car is only filling 3/4 of the way, but the gas pump keep clicking so I can't really fore any more gas in the car.

I had a similar issue on a VW and they ended up tearing my car apart and replacing numerous gas tanks and seniors with no avail, the end result the dealer gave me a new car. I hope this issue can be easily resolved.

Has anyone had this issue or know what could be causing this.


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Just try something the next time you fill up, mostly as an experiment.

When it clicks off, let the car sit for a moment or two (a few seconds anyways) and then give the pump another go and see if it will take fuel again.
I've had times where it was filling too fast and clicked itself off, and if I let things catch up again it continued to fill like normal to the full mark.

It will either continue to pump for the remainder of the tank, or click off immediately again. I wouldn't try and force it when it clicks off again.
I have used this method on my Foresters. The one of them has a habit of clicking off around 42L when it needs closer to 50L.
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