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Engine bay show 'n' go:
*Tuned by @turbotekray of - 305WHP/360WTQ
*Cobb Tuning Accessport
*Blouch TD05H-18g 8cm2 turbo
*FMS intercooler w/ heat coating & DEI heat tape
*Process West intercooler shroud (the 09-13 FXT spec one)
*FMS STI layout turbo tube w/ DEI heat tape
*ID1050X injectors w/ PnP adapters
*DW65c fuel pump
*OEM intake box/K&N filter...more DEI heat tape
*Grimmspeed 3port ebcs
*Grimmspeed high lift hood struts
Hood Struts - Subaru WRX/STI 08-14 - GrimmSpeed
*CNT catted downpipe w/ wideband bung
*OEM midpipe
*Nameless Performance axleback
*GFB TMS Respons Hybrid BPV
*ThermalZero turbo blanket
Thermal Zero LLC - 513.696.WRAP - High Temperature Heat Solutions
*JDM LGT OEM battery cover
*DIY intercooler sprayer with @Mishimoto 850cc resevoir tank (PN:MMRT-CA)
*Perrin brake fluid koozie!
*Perrin alternator cover
*Perrin turbo inlet
*Perrin Afta-MAF
*IAG oil fill cap
*IAG coolant overflow cap
*IAG master cylinder cap
*IAG power steering cap
*IAG washer fluid cap
*MOORE Performance turbo heat shield - Special Edition # 001!
Moore Performance & Race Parts, Pittsburgh PA

*2011-2014 WRX OEM "donor" front struts w/ Koni 8610-1453Sport inserts
*Koni rear shocks - 8010-1055Sport
*GroundControl - 08+ impreza Coilover conversion kit
*GroundControl - "GC150.64.77" spring (4)
*Eibach - "SPACER250" 2.5" I.D. Spacer/coupler (4)
*Hyperco - "CS100" 2.5" I.D. 4" Free Length Steel Helper Spring (4)
*Whiteline Com C caster/camber front mounts - #KCA409 (kit)
*Subaru OEM rear strut mounts (2)
*Perrin rear subframe lock down kit
*OEM 18mm sti (2008) rear sway bar
*ISC V2 adjustable rear lower control arms

*Centric Premium rotors
*Hawk HPS5.0 pads
*Grimmspeed MCB
*Motul RBF600 fluid

*WRX steering wheel with FXT buttons
*Subaru JDM OEM paddle shift kit
*SMY cluster surround
*AEM UEGO wideband
*AEM boost gauge
*Busted Finger wideband/serial cable
*LGT OEM shift knob
*WRX OEM center console
*WRX OEM ebrake assembly
*JDM OEM WRX/STI center console additional storage/armrest
avoJDM Parts Online

*Enkei RPF1 18x9.5 +38 wheels
*BFG COMP-2 A/S 255/40 tires
*Muteki SR48 lugnuts, aluminum hub rings, yada, yada.

*Diode Dynamics SmartTap CF18 (LM449) Flasher Relay
*Diode Dynamics D2R (6K) low beam HID
*Diode Dynamics HP3 (6K)license plate LEDs
*Diode Dynamics HP3 (6K)parking light LEDs
*Diode Dynamics HP3 (amber) side marker LEDs
*Diode Dynamics XLM2 (yellow) fog light LEDs
*Diode Dynamics HP48 (amber) turn signal LEDs
*NOKYA jdm yellow high beam/DRL bulbs
*Blacked out interior portion of headlights
*Grimmspeed front license plate delete
*Grimmspeed rear license plate frame
*Mach1 mustang front lip
*RalliTEK 4eat trans mount insert
*Rola roof basket
*OEM cross bars
*OEM sport grill
*OEM rain guards
*Painted yellow fogs/rings (with stained glass paint..rattle can from Krylon)
*Perrin shorty antenna
*OEM JDM "F" badge
* @VarcoRep LED Rear Reflector Bumper lights

Some favorites from along the way:


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The Story:
Usual story......ex impreza owner (GC 2.5rs coupe and wrx sedan) that was in need of a bigger subaru come March 2013 in order to support my growing family (baby boy and boxer puppy). So the search was on:

I had thrown around the idea of a 2011+ hatch wrx before....but to small really even when testing out Lucie's (the dog) fit in the hatch, let alone the idea of all the baby stuff coming our way (our first). I'd always liked foresters and valued them as a subie family member, just not that many modded ones at all around me to open my eyes like this forum has done in the last 2 years. Had i known all the possibilities i probably would have had a forester of each era by now!!! For me the final push was one day i went to drop the wrx off for annual state inspection at a shop that my wife's family used, couple weeks after moving to SEPA. Across the street was one of the nicest subaru's i've ever seen, regardless of model. Simple, clean, different...then the billion modded wrx/stis i'd seen growing up in central new jersey. "What is that? Isn't that the newest forester? They still make a turbo model?" Some google research led me here, and to member @EspoNation. I was hooked! 2.5L turbo, gold wheels, sitting low....and 99% of the parts are interchangeable with similar era wrx?? And i get an actual rear storage/cargo area? Done.

March 2013: 2011 forester xt touring with 14.5K miles. Sage green with platinum leather interior. Zero mods.

So i'll play catch up best i can, but wanted to get the ball rolling with some of my favorite fozzie moments over the last year and a half of ownership, with some photos saved on the work computer. This is the first Subie i've had that i didn't get already with power/susp/misc mods already done. It was finally my chance where i could research...pick the parts i wanted....install...learn. While i had removed/reinstalled all types of mods on previous subies, it's different this way around.

Hadn't really intended to "start" yet as i was only a month in, but while checking out some cars from Titan Motorsports....i noticed they had a for sale section....nice, Supras! Hmm, led to an ebay link and shabam, 2011 wrx takeoffs w/ 15K miles. Done.

Did some little things here and there to get her more to my liking (more to come in the real breakdown), then went to the beach.

^^^The back was literally empty...i was too excited to use the basket with all this new found space! Can't see/added later but i also had some beach chairs, boogie boards, etc.

More mods...

Then some snow came! The first reason i made the switch from foxbody 5.0 mustang to Subaru...and also my favorite season being addicted to skiing. So naturally i took some first snow pics!

Then spring came and started missing the ol days of flat out down dirt roads with my rally (inspired) found something little more geared towards the Fozz and the route of this build to scratch the itch a little.

And got a real camera, so started messing with that!

Some more mods....

Now that rally racing had been checked off, haha. Figured id try drag racing for the first time. "ohh SH! Follow @Galager!"

Now to fill in all the details up to date asap. I plan on keeping a little different style, as most of the things i've done (to this point) have been done by others, or at least on nasioc. So more of "my thoughts from limited tools, slanted driveway install local, middle of the night car time, etc" type feel, haha.
And esp more mods to come............:Banane36:

Thanks for looking!!!

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Oh i know, hahah. Figured since i have more then my two hands worth of mods and im really enjoying taking photos now...might have some half decent stuff to share.

I drove it to work ripped, loved it. That is all!

But seriously...been finishing up my lastest tune for the 18G with Ray. I've just been pressed for time so hopefully a couple more logs and well be all set.

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Yesssss! Very excited about this. Subbed :Banane35::Banane36:

Hey man! Thanks! Funny as i was just going to post another pic(s) from your neck of the woods, and saw you slipped a comment in.

Two other things you'll probably be seeing quite a few pics of!!
I like climbing up.....

Just to ski back down!

And of course our 2yr old boxer named Lucie.

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Nice man! About time. Great intro thread and don't forget about making a trip to the Northwest to conquer the Cascades. =)

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Thanks @13swp_XTI !

Wow! Am I seeing this correctly?! You started a journal? ;)

Now we can follow the progress on this fine mini van!
Oh yea! Well i think my wife (and texting Ray and @Superacerc for help), well they've all probably gotten tired of hearing about "how this part went" or "wow, check this out!" or "what's this mean?" figured id lay it all out in one spot to get help/input from others and share along the way.

That and the fact that i just couldn't remember everything any more, already updated the mods list like 5 times since i posted it, so why not.

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Now this next bit will probably seem pretty random, but wanted to catch up on a couple mini projects/bits that i came across when looking into pics i'd saved.

DIY TMIC sprayer. Tooooooons of info out there on every forum as its been done for years now, and about a dozen "best" ways to do it, as far as just a simple external water spray kit and fitting it to an SH. I personally had a mixture of some stuff laying around, and a free $15 bucks i felt like giving to Amazon, haha. As far a simpleton terms it was my understanding that it's ok if the tmic gets hot, which means it drawing the heat out, and it's just a matter of how quickly it can be cooled back down/kept cool in order to continually draw out as much heat as possible. There's some great articles out there about "heat sinks" and core size vs thickness vs etc. So i figured a simple kit could only help as my setup wasn't pushing any envelopes performance wise.

Bought this kit (identical to a popular starter kit from a popular cooling products company, just $15 rather then $100) ACI 99300 Windshield Washer Pump: Automotive

Some room for a button. Wanted to share this picture as there's plenty of space for the business end of most buttons after a little trimming.

Popped the reservoir in here and made a new little flip cover for refills.

Then just up through hood and into back of the TMIC shroud. Kit comes with a pump built into reservoir that has a pop on wire connection that'll run to a ground and then i used one of those "add-a-fuses" to draw power. Seems to work great (just based on some hand tests during different types driving, etc)... so wanted to share the two most important placement spots i picked. I'm sure ill i'll fine tune it and add to it over time for some fun odd-job stuff.

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Yea!!! Thanks man.

And related to that pic since i just made the above post, while there my tmic was cooler (and stone cold/back to normal if you will) at all times vs a friends oem 2011 wrx tmic (stage 2 protune w/ EWG). We were both operating under same conditions on a very hot day and pushing the cars a little. He is thinking about getting the FMS so each time we checked mine was colder or had zero heat fwiw. As far as a review with zero sensors/science/etc, hahaha.

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That pic above also reminded me of these couple pics i had saved on the phone. I hate how my new setup sticks out so far, have to take care of that!!!!
I never liked the oem exhaust "finishes" and spent entirely too long looking for tips that would sit flush with bumper, fill the holes, and complete the look for oem mufflers.

I had taken a couple pics of the two key measurements to share with other that are looking to stay with stock mufflers on their N/A or XT. The tips shown came from Red Tail Performance .

The rear view in the snow in first post here gives a decent shot as well.

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Some more "life of a forester" pics i've come across.

Quick errand run...comes back with:
QTY 6 - 2x6x12 lumber
QTY 1 - Grimmspeed/Turbosmart EWG setup (for a friend)
QTY 5 - 40LB topsoil bags

Some backwoods twisties romping.
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