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I wish I had a picture, but alas I don't. Last night when I was driving a friend home from my "Orphans Christmas" I came across a Chevy Avalanche that was completely stuck in a snow bank. The guy had spun out, driven up into a yard, and tried to keep driving out; but he got stuck when he ran into the snow bank on the other side that the plows had left.

Earlier in the evening it was no big deal because it was pretty warm, but it had recently dropped back below freezing after some sleet, so everything was super icy.

Since I carry a tow strap around I stopped to lend a hand, and got him all the way out on the second pull. First one was just with the strap pulled taught to get a feel for the surface, then a good yank and out he came. My friend was shocked at the noise that came from my winter tires spinning on the ice though. It sounds a little bit like a drill.

I just wanted to gloat. After all of the scoffing that I get for my little MY05 FXT, it pulled an Avalanche out with no trouble. :Banane17:
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