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2004 Forester XT Automatic
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Hi everyone, I will start off with a little bit of history with my car. It's an 04 FXT with 165k miles on it, I bought it back in March and within a month got the P0011 code and ran the troubleshooting back then to fix it. Luckily, the timing belt tensioner had started whining too and it was a dead give away on what I needed to fix, so I bought the parts and replaced the belt, tensioners/idlers and the water pump while I was in there. And I also removed the AVCS screen filters (but not the turbo banjo bolt...that thing looks like a pain to get to). Once it was done, it was back to running well until a few days ago.

Now the same code is back to my dismay, and this time it has brought low idling speeds with it (250 rpm kind of low), I am surprised at some points it doesn't just stall.

I bought two new CPSs to replace since I have read that could be the cause, and I plan on pulling the OCVs and making sure they are clean and still functional. But if that does not solve it, I have no clue what to try next other then check to make sure the belt hasn't slipped somehow since I installed it a few months back. I will also be doing a complete fluids flush and filter change, since it is almost time anyway to do it again.

Could it simply be the MAF being clogged? I figured that would throw a code of it's own if that was the case. There is no colored smoke coming from the exhaust (or smelly), and I haven't lost any boost (or oil) or heard any new noises from the engine bay, so I don't think it is a turbo problem.

Thanks in advance! :smile:
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