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Future Shock

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We just got a new red 2019 Forester Limited. It replaced an 11 year old Toyota Highlander, and almost doubled the MPG. Our other car is a 2012 Chevrolet Volt EREV (extended range electric vehicle). I buy gas for the Volt about once per year. Speaking of future shock the Volt gets about 50 miles electric range if the weather is moderate and I try really hard. Now the newer plug-in electrics get 200-300 miles range.

I knew I was in for more future shock when I looked at the over 500 page main manual with at least 500 pages of other manuals in the Forester. Subaru did a great job of explaining everything, but its a ton of things. Already the forum members in the auto stop/start thread have been very helpful. I think everyone with a 2019 should read it and switch auto stop/start off each time you start your car.
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Nice post, and welcome to the forums @AverageJoe!
Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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Yea..the manual is daunting. Wife was petrified. But Subaru dealers have the 1-2 hour appointment with a specialist for every new car. Very helpful.
I just did the RTFM (read the "fine" manual) thing for a couple of hours, obviously only a small fraction of the 1000 pages. My wife's main reluctance to buying a new car was the complex often non-intuitive controls of modern cars. Consumer Reports mentioned that a Volvo she was interested in had befuddling controls. The salesman did spend over an hour explaining things and he was very knowledgeable. The CR April issue rated the Forester #1 for seniors, "ease of access; intuitive easy-to-reach controls; top-notch headlights; and great visibility" were considered.
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