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I enjoyed the FOTM and voted when I could. I think my issue was that the thread would disappear down the list and I didn't always see it every month. Perhaps if it was a sticky or something that made it more prominent we might gets more participation.

Just my $.02


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^^^ That post - right there ^^^

If you don't check in to the site daily, you can get dozens of pages/posts to sort through so FOTM can get lost in the shuffle... I think if it was made a pinned post, more could/would see it...

But alas, it's gone. 馃槹 (n)馃摲

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Cough Cough... @USMC_Subie

Bringing this back again. I'll be your 6th host. Hopefully I will last longer than @FXTerrific, but time will tell if I or anyone else can match the tenure that @Duderotomy set the record for. (y)

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I'm sorry that it didn't really go anywhere after I left.
I remember having calendar reminders setup for specific days, and using a standard template that was saved in a .TXT file for everything from submission threads to voting threads, and the winner threads. Heck, I still have a bunch of the graphics hosted on my Flickr page.

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