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2025 Foz xt 8 speed
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Hi all, names JJ, from Chino, CA. My day job is an RV technician, but I've been turning wrenches on just about everything from porches to big rigs for about 7 years now. My hobbies include riding BMX profesionally, airsoft, drifting, and filming/editing. Been reading and learning a lot on this forum for the past few weeks in preparation of my next subie purchase, an SG5 XT.

This will be my second subie, I formerly owned bugeye and loved it. Moved onto drifting for a bit and I just miss my subie and I've always had a soft spot for wagons. This will be a DD with mild mods for occasional track days. Plans are to re work the suspension and brakes first, then most likely do an sti power upgrade along with a cobb ap and dyno tune. And also accumilate body parts as i can for an fsti conversion.

My current ride is an MX73 cressida that will be getting a 1JZ-GTE swap once I get the Foz.

Heres my "other" ride lol

From what I've seen so far on this forum, everyone seems really cool and willing to help. Which is more than I can say for some other forums I've been on recently. Hope to gain more knowledge and share mine whenever I can, and hopefully meet some of you guys in person when I get my new ride!
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