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hey guy i am new here my dad has been using a forester for a couple of year this past week i had to fill the tank twice and on average i get about 450k per tank to me this is really bad fuel economy but i dont know if the car is like that stock or is something wrong with it it an 2002 forester base model

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Welcome, hope we can answer part of your question.

Sometimes you need to start with a good state of tune before determining what may be wrong if anything. And how it is driven will all affect fuel economy. You're in the ballpark as far as mileage, but I think you can get a little more, say closer to 500 kilometers per tank for that generation, others may agree or disagree, but on my first Forester a '99 I could regularly get slightly over 500 kilometers per tank.

Start with a good tune-up, air filter, spark plugs and if the ignition wires are original you might want to consider replacing those. All those you should be able to source from Canadian Tire or Parts Source type stores at a reasonable price and there are 'How To's' here to show you the way it's done. Also tire pressure and condition of the tires can also have a great effect so check and adjust pressures as necessary.

There is the slight chance that you have a Co2 sensor on the way out that has not triggered the Check Engine Light (CEL) and that can cause poor gas mileage, but I don't think that is the cause here.

If two people (or more) are driving the car then that will also have an effect on fuel mileage with different driving habits. There could be your discrepancy if that is the case.

This may help as far as finding the

Others will chime, so check back periodically.

Hope that helps
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