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Fuel Filter replacement, cutting it open

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My 13' FXT recently passed its 60k mi maintenance. I did the normal stuff including spark plug change out (PITA), brake flush, etc etc. Then there was the fuel filter. I started doing research on how to change it out and came across quite a few posts (not just here) that suggested it was a lifetime part. I've owned a lot of cars and its always been a "must do" maintenance item. Some were even being told by the dealership that they never do those on these years unless the fuel pump goes out. It was pretty hard to believe. I've got a stage 2 tune and wanted to upgrade the fuel pump anyway for future mods, so I was going to do it regardless. I thought I would share what I found in case anyone was questioning whether they should do it or not.

Props to this youtube video for a breakdown that showed me how to disassemble the fuel pump/filter assembly

Do these on an almost empty tank of gas, will make things a lot easier. Gain access under rear seat, put down lots of absorbent protection, and rip that thing out.

After getting the bottom case opened, you can already see sediment.

I will say that my gas tank inside was incredibly clean looking, so nothing breaking down from what I could see inside the tank.

The prefilter on the pump looked pretty dirty also. Luckily the AEM FP came with a new prefilter.

I decided to cut that open and take a look.

Hard to see the actual fuel "filter" inside the assembly, but it also looked pretty bad.

So I decided to cut that open too.

So thats the actual paper filter element inside the in-tank asembly. Again, I'm only at 62k miles. I should also mention that I let this dry out for a couple days before cutting into it, so thats not a wet with fuel look, thats just gunk.

All unrolled.

So there it is. Don't be cheap on basic maintenance items (costs ~$70 for the filter) and if a dealership tells you that you don't have to replace it, run away and do it yourself. Hope this helps someone.
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