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Fsti top mount intercooler upgrade

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Can anyone tell me what I need to change the fsti intercooler to the larger Sti intercooler and is it the Hawkeye Sti that I need.
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Interested in this too, I've read the Hawkeye one is the one we need (along with the brackets) but something about the FSTI undertray/belllows being different and not being a good fit on to the Hawk one so requiring modification.
I have hawkeye sti cooler on my 04 fsti. That is the one you need, because older models had cable throttle and the turbo-to-intercooler hose elbow interferes with our dwb throttle.
Not sure about the brackets, mine was fitted by the previous owner.
You need to modify the undertray, because the hawkeye cooler is larger area.
Thanks for info just need to find a Sti top mount now.
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