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2005 Forester Sti
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I’m looking for suspension replacement options for my FSTi as I’ve got a knocking coming from the rear drivers shock assembly. The good old British roads have taken their toll...

Background of the suspension history in my ownership:
  • Standard springs and standard dampers (later found to have Boge rear replacement dampers, non STi)
  • Tein lowering springs and standard dampers
  • Tein lowering springs, standard dampers, 24mm rear ARB, 22mm front ARB, solid drop links, HD rear mounts
  • Standard springs and standard dampers, 24mm rear ARB, 22mm front ARB, solid drop links, HD rear mounts

Current setup:
Standard springs and standard dampers, 22mm rear ARB, 22mm front ARB, solid drop links, HD rear mounts

For the mainly pot holed and badly repaired B-roads I drive on the current setup is how I like it. The Tein spings were too crashy for my liking and didn’t get on with the road surface. Same with the 24mm rear ARB, it just wasn’t suited for the roads.

A tapping/knocking has recently started on the back right strut, I’ve taken it out and remove the spring in order to perform the grease nipple fix at which point I found that a previous owner replaced the rear STi dampers with some replacements from the brand ‘Boge’. They are not the STi monotube inverted type.

With the car at 65K I think it would benefit from a full replacement of all dampers as a minimum or even a full coilover setup

Current options:
  • KYB ultra SR dampers, keeping the STi springs
  • Tein Basis coilovers
  • Bilstein B12 coilovers
  • Jamsport coilovers as per Fpan
  • Meister R coilovers (showing as out of stock)

The KYB’s are Impreza fitment only, they will bolt on to the Foz but the travel lengths are going to be very slightly different.
I’m not too bothered about lowering the ride height so the standard spring rates will keep it comfy for my daily drive as and such I’m leaning towards the KYB option.

There is a contact on Scoobynet that was looking into some Koni damper inserts but as I don’t have the STi rear units I’m not able to go that route unless I purchase another STi set and then swap them out which seems silly.

Have I missed any other options here? All views welcomed.

99 Turbo S manual
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Hah, have been thinking about similar topic for a few days too, but on older car - SF5.
Actually, Kayaba makes SR for the SF5, so it could be considered as an option.
But what about Pedders solutions?
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