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2004 Forester STi
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Possibly a stupid question but i'd appreciate input/views of other owners!

I'm not sure my heater controls in my Forester STi are working correctly; specifically whatever diverts the air between footwell/dash/windscreen vents.
Allow me to explain - on a long journey with the temperature set to 21 degrees with the air split on windscreen/footwell, the footwells end up being quite warm - the air coming out from these vents is noticeably warmer than anywhere else.
It's the same if I switch to the dashvents/footwell - the dash vents are a nice medium temperature, the footwell vents noticeably warmer.
With the dash vents selected only, it feels like a mix between the previous upper/lower vents - cooler than the footwell, warmer than the windscreen vents.

If i turn the temperature right down to lowest, it's not an issue - same temp level comes out of all vents - cold.
Likewise if I turn it to max,I get hot air out of all vents. On these cold days in the morning I get warm air out of all vents, until the cabin is at temperature, then it's back to toasty footwells. It's definitely something to do with the in-between/maintaining temperature region of operation.

Is this normal? I guess as heat rises it sort of makes sense if so, but has bugged me since i got the car. My feet always end up roasting with the rest of me a nice temperature :D
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