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Front wheel spin

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OK, ignoring the recent icey weather we have had, I'm fed up with the front wheelspin in the foz, and am truying to decide what to do to fix it, my old Ford 4x4 didn't suffer from it (33/67 torque split and much stiffer centre diff) and I want that feeling back!
99MY 5MT s-turbo (circa 220bhp and 230lbft) running 04 Impreza STi suspension

1/ STi 20NM centre diff
+ More traction
- More understeer without extra mods that may or may not get it back to where it is now

2/ ALK replication using spacers to lower the wishbone mounting
+ reduced understeer
- only slightly improved front end traction

3/ DCCD from a classic STi
+ Rear biased torque split
- Expensive (and how) and extra compexity in fitting, also ABS doesn't like it!


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