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1999 (UKDM) S-Turbo (LT) 4EAT
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I share your frustration Simon. I miss my torsen equipped '88 Audi 200 Quattro in these conditions. I don't miss it's impossible location of spare parts problems but that mechanical/vacuum system and it's variable 25/75/25 centre diff which locked automatically and the manual rear diff lock... well, it was just so much more predictable than my Foz... and I could switch the ABS off too when required.

It's probably unfair of me to compare a manual torsen quattro with a 4EAT Foz but that damn centre diff just annoys the hell out of me. I want it locked when it needs to be, not when the slow brain decides to lock it, momentarily destabilising the back end. The mechanical system was just so much quicker to react.

I know of the modifications available to the Foz to install manual diff lock and ABS defeat switches, but they would invalidate my insurance so it's a no go.

Sorry to say this on the Foz forum but I'm afraid I prefer the old technology quattro to the chip-controlled modern world.
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