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I used to have a 2007 Forester XS. I like to drive in the snow, and over the years I broke/tore off the two flap things in front of the front wheels. I never replaced them.

Last year I traded my 2007 Forester in and got a 2018 Forester XT. Right now there is snow where I live and I just tore out one of the flap things. See attached picture. I had to get on my knees in the snow and undo the last plastic rivet to remove the flap, and I threw it on a shelf in the garage. The passenger side one is still attached to the car.

In the summer I removed all of the incandescent bulbs in the car and put LEDs in. The first time I accessed the fog lights I used the instructions provided by Diode Dynamics, which basically said take half the car apart. I found that the plastic rivets holding the flap had metal washers on the top. I never put those washers back in, but I guess they help hold the flap more rigidly. When I accessed the fog-light bulbs later, I just took the one plastic rivet out of the front.

What do people do with these flap things? Take them out for the winter and put them back in for the summer? Or just take them out and never put them back in? Tomorrow we are driving to a ski hill four hours away. Should I put a sheet of cardboard on the snow and just take the other one off now? I can put the plastic rivets in without putting the flap back in I guess.


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