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Front Sway bar for NA EJ engines

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Hey everyone,

Long time lurker here. Shout out to forum members here keeping it alive, and the huge knowledge base.:thumbsup:

Just wondering if anyone knows for sure which front sway bar is compatible for SH Foresters, non-turbo? I couldn't find anything definitive in the search. I saw another post with the 2012 with the switch to the FA, and they seem to indicate Whiteline's BFS43Z sway bar. Will this work for the EJ253?

I looked at @SnowRocker88's list (Sorry I would link but the forum doesn't allow it when I have 0 posts :laugh:) but the FSB seems to only fit turbo models. Anyone out there know of a FSB that's 24-25mm (or any size for that matter - other than stock) available for the NA 09-10 Foresters?

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