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front sway bar 2000 forester - what size bar?

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hi newbie here,i just did over the back of my 2000 forester 5 speed(wheel brgs shoes wheel cyl kyb struts and a 22mm adj whiteline sway bar)and now im going to do the front over but my question is what size bar should i get for the front?The stock size seems to be around 19mm and whiteline only makes a 20mm front!I wanted to run a 24 mm bar but i cant find one.Its just a play car no racing or anything like that.just spirited driving!

17" tires with 225/55/17

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anybody know a part number for a 22mm or 24mm front bar?

650 views and no one knows?i poked around alot and i cant find anything unless its a turbo.
I've been considering the same thing and Whiteline does only list a 22mm rear sway bar for the SF5 forester but there are 3 front 22mm sway bars that Whiteline sells and will fit the SF5 chassis but the bends in the bars are different to avoid hitting components. I don't have the part numbers for the 3 Whiteline bars but I believe the bars were for the Imprezas/WRX. I haven't had time to compare photos of the individual bars vs the stock OEM bar to match bends; comparison of online parts photos should make it simple to pick the bar that matchs the OEM bar.
Looks like they only have the bsf14 which is the 20mm for the sf foresters and bsf15 which is 22mm for turbo foresters. I don't think any brand makes a bar bigger than that for these cars.
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