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Hey guys,

My 2016 Forester XT has been having a weird issue with the passenger side window. Most of the time, when I press the down button, nothing happens. All the other windows work fine, and go up and down on command. The weird part is: After pressing the down button like 20-30 times, it sometimes starts working.

This issue occurs using both the driver's controls and the controls on the passenger side as well. I searched on this forum and couldn't find anything similar. All the other threads were about the window going up and then back down or something like that (those required a power window reset.)

Even weirder, when I hit the down button 20-30 times, occasionally a different window will go down. I thought I was going crazy at first or maybe I hit the wrong button but nope. I hit the front passenger button and the driver's window or one of the rear windows would open. It seems like an electrical/connection issue, any thoughts?
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