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Lately I have been hearing a clunk coming from my front end under heavy acceleration or deceleration. If the clunk happens under braking then I can't get it to make the sound again until I accelerate hard as it seems to be something that is shifting location. Any ideas? My car is factory with 30k on the clock. I am also going to drop it off at the dealer and see what they say.

I really want to get this taken care of under warranty before I do my suspension upgrades.

While driving my car this morning it seems that the clunk when under deceleration only happens when I downshift and allow the engine to slow me, doesn't seem to happen if I just get on the brakes.

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It took me forever to figure out my front end clunk and other associated noises, so here's the list of things to check:

- Sway bar is in the proper orientation
- Sway bar bushings are in good shape (there is a TSB for new ones, also some people grease them)
- Sway bar endlinks are tight and not bent or damaged
- Outer tie rods are OK (jack up the car and wiggle them / look for damage)
- Ball joints are OK (jack up the car and wiggle the wheel)
- CV joints are OK (not sure how to check this)
- Strut top mounts and their bearings can make clunking noises
- Struts can clunk, I don't understand the mechanism for this, but it is common for STI takeoffs
- All your lug nuts are tight (no brainer)
- Front control arm rear bushings are OK (evidently cause a clunk when braking)
- Assorted brake parts are tight and not damaged
- Check for signs of interference between anything that moves
- Engine and transmission mounts are tight and in good condition (I was missing an engine mount nut)
- Steering rack bushings are in good shape, not torn, and brackets are tight

I think that covers everything I went through before I found the loose engine mount nut.
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