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Thought I'd post this here in case it can help anyone because I was stumped at the problem and was only solved yesterday.

My car - 2012 Forester SH9 XT, lowered on Tein Street Advance Z coilovers, 17 inch Prodrive P1s and 225/55/17 Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres, 21mm Superpro sways on front and 24mm Whiteline sways on rear. New front lower control arms L and R (ebay spec) Odo currently on 211xxxkms. I've owned the car since new but have taken it offroad for much of it's life until 2018 when the self levelling suspension started to leak and I replaced them with the Teins and entered the lowered lifestyle.

For the longest time I have been having this clunk sound over bumpy roads (sounds like the coilover spring as loose). Most noticeable on the left side of the car. Smooth bitumen and highway it is quiet as.

Also when I drove down small inclines and brake or brake while turning slowly while turning slowly on flat roads, the brakes seem to grind like the pads were worn, but on other road surfaces and directions, no sound when braking.

I initially suspected the usual - incorrect coilover installation (refitted!), shocks gone (but they were new!), suspension top mount noise (but using OEM top hats with Advance Zs), Control arm bush (Yes, tiny split not enough to cause noise), original sway bushes worn etc etc. Checked all online forums for people with similar issues etc etc.

Solution 1: Clunk sound
Recently turns out that my steering rack was leaking so I got a second hand rack put in and the cause was a worn steering rack end on the left hand side.

The car is now very quiet over all kinds of roads, much to my relief.

I was on the verge of blaming the Teins but am now relieved that I did not spend $$$ on alternative suspension.

Solution 2: Brake noise
Turns out that the guide pins on the left brake caliper were the issue. Somehow they were loose causing the caliper to move every so slightly (with the wheel off I could move it back and forth very slightly). I didn't have spares on hand so my mechanic took them out and re tightened them both and for now the brakes are good, but I have the 2 bolts, or guide pins on order.

Just my experience that I thought I'd share because such noises can be very irritating! Cheers.
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