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Front diff issues

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Trying to reach out to all the stanced auto forester XT’s out there. Recently I had my car worked on by my local Subaru dealership for a front differential. Note this was my fault from cracking it on a speed bump... Anyways went to Subaru for them to replace it. Since I’ve had it back I’ve only put 2,000 miles on the parts in less than a year. I have gone through 2 axles and now a “stripped bearing cap.” “front differential side bearing cap threads to be damaged. Vehicle is lowered too far” -Mechanic from Subaru. My question is how many of you lowered FXT’s have had any problems like this? Please give me your opinion or if you have had this problem before drop a picture of your car and explain what happened and why if you know. Even if you haven’t had any problems with a front differential (which you shouldn’t) I’d like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks Owen Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Sport utility vehicle
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G'day & Welcome @PNW_04_FXT

Maybe your vehicle has not been lowered correctly? It looks fine but we can't tell what has been modified underneath.

Perhaps some of the stickies & threads here will help:
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