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2010 Forester XT
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Getting p0420 occasionally on my 2010 FXT with 162k and started exploring my options as I’ve been through enough to know that my cats have taken a beating (bad turbo seals and lots of smoke in exhaust 2 years ago)

I can’t seem to find any bolt on options for the front cats besides OEM for $900+ but I just noticed that rockauto has plenty of options for a front cat on a 2010 WRX in the $200 range and wondering if anyone has tried those?

None of the manufacturers are willing to list the Forester XT as a compatible option so I’m guessing there might be some interference from the automatic transmission on the forester or mating with the center pipes that’s different?

Just seems like I could probably replace the whole exhaust for not much more than the OEM front cat
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