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Front brake pulsation fixed, new wobble? - Solution!

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Just want to share my experience this week.

After reading in this forum how one person got the dealer to fix a pulsation while braking at 19K I figured that with 4K on the clock I could have this problem taken care of under the warranty.

Ever since it was new I had this problem but figured , oh well it's the brakes and that is now my responsibly as it is a normal maintenance item like wipers and such.

Well reading here enlightened me to have the dealer look into it. I had called the salesman when I first got the car but they never returned my call and I didn't pursue it. MY fault.

I just went easy on the brakes but on wet pavement and higher speeds it was horrible. I figured I would fix it right when it was brake time.
So I called the service department this time and brought it in and yes they turned the front rotors within spec.

The manager stated that upon road test they found the front end to sway back and forth. I had new winter tires and wheels installed weeks before this as a complete spare set and the dealer was putting the blame on the new wheels saying that he didn't think they were correct.
Also said that I may have a bad tire.

The car was fine as far as the tires and wheels when I pulled into the garage. I had made multiple trips out of state with no vibration or swaying.
So they fixed the front brake problem gave me my car and I could hardly hold the steering wheel on the highway to go home.

I called the service manager and he again blamed the tire shop.
I went out at night in the cold and removed both front wheels and found the mechanic had left two helper nuts holding the rotor on the drivers side on between the rotor and wheel. So it was a balance act on the two studs and one stud was loose!
I took the nuts off and made the trip back to the dealer and handed the two nuts to him.

My car is fine but I'm scared to have it worked on even by the dealer.
That is one reason no one except me has ever touched my Harley.
I love this forum and will be doing as much as I can myself.

Just because they charge $130.00 dollars an hour labor doesn't mean they know what their doing.
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Yep, when you have enough experience to do the work yourself and have the time/ability, you find it really hard to have anyone do work on your vehicles as quite honestly, so few mechanics seem to care.
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