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hello everybody.

im new to the forester i got it about 5 months ago but havnt done any mods to date other then my coldair intake which i built. this is my second subie the first was a 2003 impreza 2.5rs loved the car but couldnt afford it ( new baby on the way) so i sold my impreza :( . i ended up with a four doored integra that i ended up making money on when i found my fozzy for 300 dollars. it was pretty beat up looking on the inside, and it had a noisy conrod. but once i cleaned the 9 bags of garbage out of it and installed a new motor i was pretty happy. now that i have seen this forum tho the modding bug is hitting me pretty hard. who knew that a wagon could be fun ( by the way the foz is faster then my impreza was). great forum, glad to be a member, and im a licenced auto tech so who knows i may be able to help out some.

edit: here are some pics
this is when i first brought her home

and here it is sitting next to my father in laws 300 dollar 2000 s ( sorry for the grainy pics)

and here is the impreza i used to own turning laps at calabogie motorsports

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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