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Foz Sapient. The lifecycle of Forester-ownership?

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The hunting.
In the beginning we are the hunter/gatherer sapiens, hunting for the perfect object. A cheap Sti in mint original condition? The important thing here is that the object is in perfect original shape, noone wants to buy a readymade, readytweaked foz? Because that would rule out the second phase of this hypothetical theory; The gathering!

The gathering.
This period might take up to a couple of years, mainly consisting of a lot of wait-states between the module purchases. Sometimes the path is clear and straight and the resources are easily accessed, but for the average Foz Sapient with a limited budget the aforementioned purchases of so-much-needed-trimparts is a joyful and in the same time painful period of time. Oh woe, all the time spent reading and comparing ads in search for the perfect ratio of price contra effect, that time will be paid back with grins, smiles and occasionally with the change of a pair of underwear.

This period of time is not to be taken lightly, the gathering is the key to the multiplication of satisfaction! The harder/tougher the gathering is, the more redemptive is the effect of the gathering. (Sounds like garbage in English and makes perfect sense in Swedish. Sigh.).

The farming.
The period of time when the Foz Sapient (F.S.) reaps the seeds, sown in earlier phases. The prime example of F.S. is not seldom seen terrorizing less knowledgable members of the traffic participants (usually red sportscar-owners often seen wildly cursing the people-hauler-with-roof-basket disappering in a mysterious way towards the horizon). This is a joyful time which can stretch over several years, usually depending on the gathering period. The longer the gathering, the more rewarding farming-period?

The renewal.
The typical F.S. does not stray away from the earlier chosen path. There are no real 'ends', only reneweal periods. This part of the life of a Foz Sapient is still somewhat shrouded in mystery but also understandable! Is that next generation really that much better? What happens if I take these parts and put it in this model?

The hunt for the constant improvement begins with a new Forester, and the lifecycle for Foz Sapient begins yet again!

(Yes, I'm a bit drunk and a bit bored :)
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I like it though.
Sums it up perfectly. We have a new Darwin in our midst I feel! PMSL

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