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2003 2.0 X AWP
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Hi, my 2003 2.0X Foz seems to be having an intermittent hesitation in power. It is only when you go to accelerate or just touch up the speed usually in around 3 or 4th gear at around 1500-2000 revs - town driving. Power drops, comes back or judders slightly. It's like it goes to sleep them says ooh needs a bit of power ok here you go - but the pick up is slower now.

Went to Belgium the other weekend crusing ok and was doing up to 150kmh no problem on open roads. I have not felt any issues on 3000 revs and above.

Is this one of many potential probs? I dont think its fuel although I have not tried a higher octane, I am using standard stuff either garage or supermarket. I was thinking trying something like Redex first?

Any advice appreciated.

Next service due in about 4k or September at 146,000 miles.


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