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So here is a month for those out seeking adventure...
October: "Through the Woods"
- show your Forester out in the forest/woods/trails/off-road

This month is for all of you "forestering" in your Forester. New spot? Old favorite? Were you were way back in there off the beaten path, camping for a week? Or just 10 feet from the pavement, to get a little mud on the tires? If you're off the blacktop, and there's a tree...let's see! This contest usually comes down the best photograph, so show your best shot for the best chance of winning.

Same rules as always:
-Photos must be in hosted format and embedded in your post
-The photos must at least contain YOUR car
-No more than 4 photos per entrant
-Polls will begin when we get 10 entries or October 20th, whichever happens first.

Feel free to include a brief description of each photo to help set the scene.

January - @Raz007
February - @katsfood
March - @Shansen
April - @Foresteezy
May - @SupraFozz
June - @Bansheeboy11
July - @Blingstrom
August - @Ozark08
September - N/A
October -
November -
December -

For those future planners (upcoming topics):

**2017 THEMES**
- "Turning a new Leaf"
- Seasonal/fall foliage
- "The Darkness of Winter Solstice"
- night photos
1 - 20 of 37 Posts