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So, another month, another FOTM. This month we are doing:

March-For those with multiple personalities

This is for the NON-FORESTERS in your life. Your Foz can be in the pic, but the "other" vehicle must be the primary subject in the photo. It doesn't have to be a car, can be a truck, bike, boat, bobsled, etc.

Same rules as always:

-Photos must be in hosted format
-No more than 4 photo's per entrant
-Polls will begin when we get 10 entries, or March 17, whichever happens first. However, I like pics, so if we get an overwhelming amount of entries, I'll hold open the voting for more participation.

PRIOR WINNERS (excluded from further monthly competition in 2010):
*January 2010 - LochSTi
*February 2010 - pleiad7 (non-exclusion month)
*March 2010 -
*April 2010 -
*May 2010 -
*June 2010 -
*July 2010 -
*August 2010 -
*September 2010 -
*October 2010 -
*November 2010 -
*December 2010 -

For those future planners (upcoming topics):

April-Seasonal/winter/snow shots
May- Location/composition based -- "no help"... either in the middle of nowhere, or behind enemy lines
June-Grudge match--dirt vs. track
July-Location Based--Urban Outfitters--Industrial/City life
September-Composition based -- "at work or play"... towing or hauling, load up your toys
October-Location based--Rural locations--Forest/woods/trails/off-road
November-Seasonal/fall foliage
December- Composition based... (gifts, deer, wildlife, santa, menorah, Christmas lights, etc.)

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I realized today that I haven't taken any pictures of my Skyline since the Forester was overhauled...
She now sits lower, has a different exhaust, and has the front bumper straightened out again.
BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!:biggrin:

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Havn't entered one contest yet. I know it's not gonna win but thought I would threw her up here. These are some pics last summer when I got it, still a restoration in progress though...


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I haven't gotten into 1 yet either so I will post this up to start and add 2 more when I have more time. This is filling up fast!

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