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Vote for your favorite Forester on Summer Vacation!

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Vote for your favorite Forester on Summer Vacation!

1. Raz007

I visited Daytona Beach earlier in the year:

Went camping in Sebring, FL (watched a Trans Am race at the track too):

Took a summertime cruise with the squad to Sanibel, FL:

And can't forget slaying the Dragon with the fellow Forester owners in TN:


Deals Gap, NC

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Beach

3. caps

I took my silver 02 Forester a few counties up to buy my green 98 Forester ����*♂

4. FXTerrific

we've stuck to day trips this summer so far (having two minions now...)....
ton of bird feeders at our house, led to peaked interest by the kids, led us to buy an identification book...and led us to (noted to be bird filled) park/sanctuary/preserve/etc areas all around recently. "why did that guy come here to take pictures of that car...and not the wildlife?..."

5. ESC2011

Fishing on the Gallatin River in Gallatin National Forest/Yellowstone National Park, Montana this weekend.

6. Blingstrom

Day trip around our local lake in search of camping areas and hiking trails.

In a rut

Hiding in plain sight

Burning down the countryside

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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