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December - "Anything goes!"

What do we want to see?...
Any photo you think best shows off your Forester!

Same rules as always.

-Photos must be in hosted format and embedded in your post
-The photos must at least contain YOUR Forester and not someone else's.
-No more than 4 photos per entrant.
-The voting poll will begin the morning of December 20th.
Feel free to include a brief description of any photos to help set the scene.

Winners will be awarded 1 years free Premium membership, so get posting!!!

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2004 forester sg5 wrx sti v7 6-speed manual
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Road Lane Sky Vehicle Cloud

read that i was allowed up to 4 pics. so this is the 4th. took a drive in the northern regions of my country, Malaysia.

this road cuts across the oldest rainforest in the world from east to west. i was travelling from the west to east, before heading back down south where home is.

journey was roughly 500km (310miles) to home, and took about 7hrs avg 100kmh i’d say. it’s monsoon season at the moment so 3/4 of the journey was showering.

road isn’t the best maintained with diff patches of tar and concrete in places. but still a lovely rising, dipping, dropping, sweeping, switchbacked journey. am running coilovers, abt 2” lower than stock, and i was being thrown around a bit in the car. lol

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