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So, it's time for the year's dirtiest theme. This is the round that targets off-roading fanatics because this month's theme is...

April: "April Showers Bring Mud"
- get down and dirty, spring is here

This month is for those who don't stress getting dirty. Some of you may already have glamor shots of their Foresters in the mud while others may need to go out and snap some. If your Forester loves packing the wheels with mud, hauling you and your friends down some trails, or just painting everything a natural shade of brown then this is your chance to enter!
This contest usually comes down the best photograph, so show your best shot for the best chance of winning.

Same rules as always:
-Photos must be in hosted format and embedded in your post
-The photos must at least contain YOUR car
-No more than 4 photos per entrant
-Polls will begin when we get 10 entries or April 15th, whichever happens first.

January - @Raz007
February - @katsfood
March [email protected]
April -
May -
June -
July -
August -
September -
October -
November -
December -

For those future planners (upcoming topics):

**2017 THEMES**
- "Spring Sky"
- show your Forester with the sky as a backdrop
- "Professional Driver on a Closed Course"
- autoX and lapping photos of your Forester, any form of racing can enter as long as it's off the streets
- "Summer Vacation"
- show your Forester at points of interest (National Parks, museums, sporting venues, etc.) while on your vacation trips
- "Get it wet"
- show your Forester at the beach, lake, river, or just out with the kayaks or being washed
- "Over the River"
- show your Forester on, under, or next to bridges
- "Through the Woods"
- show your Forester out in the forest/woods/trails/off-road
- "Turning a new Leaf"
- Seasonal/fall foliage
- "The Darkness of Winter Solstice"
- night photos
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
Not open for further replies.