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And that moderator would be me...

A bit about FOTM (Forester of the Month) -

This is a monthly "contest" for any member to post a picture (or pictures) of their Forester (no matter the generation, no matter the level of modifications (box stock to oh-my-gawd-lookit-what-they-did!)...

Picture MUST include YOUR Forester. Picture MUST follow the theme.

FOTM Winners can win only once per quarter. So Jan-Feb-Mar or Apr-May-June or July-Aug-Sept or Oct-Nov-Dec.

We all realize that not all members are photo-nuts. Not all members have pictures that fit a certain criteria. But if you do, then enter.

Each month will have a specific theme and each month will be open for entries until the 21st (that's 3 weeks) of the month.
Voting will take place for the between the 22nd and the end of the month, winner will be notified and announced at the beginning of the next month.

Simple enough...? If not, message me with questions.

Now, who am I? Well, I'm a member here for a few years... I've got my 2014 Forester that I've done up as a mild "soft-roader"... Subehru spends about 85% of his life on the road and about 15% off-road... I'm a SoCal guy in and around Palm Springs... I love my Subaru and (I hope) my Subaru loves me... Not in a "My Mother The Car" sort of way (look that up if you need to).

So, that's it.

Oh, and what you win? Bragging rights. You get to add "FOTM WINNER" to your signature if you so desire. You get to tell all your friends about how you won a contest with your Forester, that is if any of them still listen to you when you start talking about Subaru and your Forester...

So good luck and it's nice to meet ya....
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