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hi all, i dont know if this will help any1 but, when i brought mt fozzy, not forgetting it was my first subaru and i didnt knw it had a key pad in the glove box, i didnt get the alarm code off the fella i brought it off, as i only have 1 alarm fob if that broke id be fooked, so i sent an email to scorpio alarms, and they sent me this msg....

As to regards to your PIN code you can sort this one out yourself as you currently have 1 working remote. Arm and disarm the system with this remote, enter the vehicle and on the keypad type:

*17856*92*1234*1234# (Where 1234 represents the new 4 digit PIN code you would like).

Just a couple of notes worth mentioning after you have entered the *17856 the siren will chirp once to confirm you have entered programming mode, you do not need the ignition on to perform the above procedure and simply work at a nice consistent pace when using the keypad and all should be well. This will then arm & disarm the security system as the remote does upon entering the 4 digit number.

*To locate your nearest dealer please visit our website @ Scorpion Alarms, click on the "Find you nearest dealer link" shown on the far right hand side of the homepage and enter your address details on to the corresponding page. On the results page look for a dealer carrying the Sigma brand of security.

Mike Nolan on behalf of Tony Heys

Scorpion Automotive Limited

Scorpion House

Drumhead Road

Chorley North Business Park



TEL Direct Line 01257 240938

FAX 01257 249938

[email protected]

again i hope this helps some1...:icon_razz:
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