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Hey fellow EU forester owners.
So i've found that in europe i could get either TEIN Flex Z ( UK ) or D2 street coilovers ( from finland ). Why im looking these coilovers for my forester is because they offer special coils for SG9 forester and i like to get driving stiffer.I also have 07 wrx OEM suspensions but i want something that is made for my forester.
Problem is, that i cant find any reviews about how they work in winter times, especially in my country ( Estonia ) where they use salt. I know that there are also some kinda socks for coils but do they work good to protect my coils ?
Also if any of you guys are using or has pictures how forester xt05 look with both of these coils i would like to see pictures.

PS. if there are allready similar post/review then i would take a link and can delete this post.
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