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Howdy all,

I'm trying to find out interchange or other cross-fit information on a set of 2004 Forester XT rear axles.

I have a used rear differential (and matching axles) coming from an '04 Forester XT. I intend to put the diff into my 2001 Forester S to replace my (needing rebuild) LSD.

The diff comes with a set of rear axles from the XT. It seems these are hard to source and no info floating around - I find them on opposedforces parts lookup, but no real cross-reference information on the Web seems to exist.

I really just need to know if they will fit my '01 Forester, and if not, what other Subarus they might fit so I can offer them up with correct cross reference data to a potential buyer.

Also, is the old diff carrier assembly worth anyones time? I would let that go free for pickup or shipping once I get the car sorted out, I understand some folks actually rebuild them......

(cross posted on the NASIOC forum)
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