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2008 Forester sport
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My son has a 2008 Forester X Sports that needs brakes and ball joints. While replacing the ball joints we noticed the boot leaking on the front drivers side, so we attempted to get another axle at Advance or Autozone. Even though the picture on their web sites show what appears to be the correct axle, each store pulled an axle from the box, that didn't look the same as the OEM. The ABS gear was always wider, and the cup on the transmission side wasn't even close (the OEM cup has flat spots), just for starters. These guys were trying to tell me it was a late model 2008 Forester that used 2009 parts. This appears odd to me.

In the meantime, I have a band aid on the boot, and am looking for the correct after market axle, before I have to pay $400 for one at the dealer.

Anybody have an idea of where to find the correct after market axle and part number?

Any help/info is appreciated.
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