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2018 2.5i, manual trans 6 speed manual
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Photo displays the 38”x9.6”, brown, “Forester Tree Decal” from ftvinylarts (Ebay) which my wife & I applied 2-1/2 weeks ago on my 2018, Jasmine Green Forester. I cut 7-3/4” pieces off to apply to rear doors, 1 of which we applied using the dry application method per enclosed instructions. However, a friend who operates a sign shop in NM and regularly makes and applies decals to police cars, fire trucks etc. informed me that he, tho using a 3M product, sprays water mixed with a few drops of detergent on the vehicle surface and, after removing the backing, to the decal adhesive. While wet he positions the decal, then squeegees the decal to squeeze the liquid out prior to removing the top protective layer. I applied the remaining 3 pieces this way which was far easier inasmuch as it allows one to slide the decal into position. I allowed the decals a week to cure in the garage following application tho l do not know that this is important. Tips from my experience: do this out of direct sunlight; use a table of adequate size to prepare the decal; 2 people help; carefully and patiently pull the front layer straight down, not out. I am happy with these wet-applied decals which, tho likely comparatively difficult due to the numerous sharp-edged tree branches, appear well attached with no bubbles or creases.



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