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2004 Forester STI jdm
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Hi there,

i am fench and i see to buy a 04'Forester STI JDM with french paper. It is a real jdm one with 75000km. White one :rock:

BUT : i have few questions to you....

it is very dificult to find informations and technical specs for this vehicle!!

Saler says me it is a 05'JDM (no facelift) so it has the EJ257 with forged pistons :icon_rolleyes: are you agree with that??

other think, he has said me it is a twin scroll set up so headers, up and VF in TS ... Do you think it is exactly??

i am very interest by this forester (i was the owner of 8 impreza GC8 to 07'STI) so i have a good knowledge of the flat4. but nowhere i can read their informations.....
and this forester - the unique one in France in this JDM set up - is so far of my home. and i must know and verify saler's informations before i'll go to see it.

thanks for your reply my friends


from France


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Thanks for posting pictures. Looks like a very nice Forester! :cool:

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