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interesting but lame.

is you see another sti badged forester the only thing under the bonet should be 305 Hp and 295 TQ.
with a great sounds exhaust.

that is all forester needs.

this will never happen. done by. knocked out of park.

the stupidity of making a forester with an sti badge and a big brake factory kit, but that only has 143hp, is beyond my understanding.

Subaru if listening...... develop a sporty sedan with 360 hp and 300 tq on the wrx/sti platform for the coming generation. utilize the global platform that your moving to. underpin a forester or crosstrex with the same power train, then make a limited production run and charge people for it. see how it does. i think Subaru needs to find it self in the enthusiast community or else your going to lose those sales.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts