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2006 JDM '04 Forester STI 6MT
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Hi everyone....

I just get a JDM 2004 Forester STI (SG9C5EH) Chasis.... looking for a coilovers set.

People told me, that any 2002-2006 Impreza STI will do the job, just looking to drop it like 2", the cheapest coilvers and most good quality for my taste, its a Tein Street Basis Z Coilover Kit GSS60-8USS2, but when asked in rallysportsdirect, one staff guy replied to me, saying that will not fit... :surprise:

The forester specific Tein its GSS50-81SS, but its back order and takes 8-12 Weeks :surprise:

Does any one have some experience fitting 2002-2006 Impreza STI coilovers in a 2004 STI SG9? just looking for height drop en a little better handling, nothing more adjustable, no dumper adjust, no anything more....



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