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Forester Shopping questions?

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I am in the market for a new, used car and the Forester is among my top three. I have been reading about a head gasket issue in this engine at about 100K in earlier Foresters. Has this problem been fixed in newer vehicles, say 2017 and newer or is this still a problem because of the engine design?
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Was fixed with the FB engine circa 2012, more than a decade ago and has not been an issue since.

2017's can be optioned for modern type LED projectors, I highly recommend it.
2019's came with Apple Carplay/Android Auto, navigation via phone link, highly recommend it.
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The biggest thing is the service history and if it's been properly maintained and has not been beaten....

I just bought a 2013 Forester 2.5X for my mom with 106k miles, local dealer did 95% of the service and it was all done regularly....

As mentioned above - the head gasket issues were pretty done with the FB generation motors.

Now there IS some possibility that a flat engine design (the boxer) is prone to head gasket issues due to the layout but ....
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