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Forester Premium 'multifunction display' question

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I didn't ask at the dealership, but had a question about the detail sheet.
Under "entertainment" section, I see this:
1st row LCD monitors: 2

What the heck does that mean?

On my 11 forester, I have a place at the top of the center console that shows temp, clock, and MPG for the 2 trip clocks. I see it's called "multifunction display" or "color multifunction display"

Is that one of the 2 LCD monitors in '1st row'? I'm assuming the screen in the center of the driver gauges is one.
On the basic model, it lists "1st row LCD monitors: 1"

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First row equals front seats.

Two multifunction LCD displays refers to the small LCD display between the tachometer and speedometer and the LCD display above the radio in the center stack.
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