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2005 Subaru Forester Manual Dual Range
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Hello Everyone and Experts?
I'm newbie in Subaru.

I have 2 question. I have mixed Subaru Forester, Body type is 2005 year facelift and engine and transmission(mt dual range) is 2004 year. My friend assembly this 2 years subaru forester and sold for me. 2005 forester had AT transmission, 2004 forester had MT(dual range) transmission. Main electrical wire's is 2004's subaru forester. After assembling few problems came to me.

1. My drivers door window is not working how to fix this?
2. How to install remote key fob. I was following key fob installation guide not working for my car. Not enter the programming mode. Not hear horn sound. How to install key fob?

Many thanks.
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